"Project Tijuana started because I saw a need and a opportunity to serve in community. Bishop Tony Manriquez of C. O. R. Tijuana overseer's the outreach ministry there that supports the daily care and living needs  of the residents.

I found out that all they basically have access to for food  is beans and rice for their daily meals, they are very limited when it comes to resources and supplies for basic daily living. I along with the help of others have come together to provide monthly financial support so that we can provide meat  to go along with their meals." - Ryan Amir Harris


Upon arriving at San Diego International airport in California, you are in the comfort of American city life.  Just 16 miles south across the USA/Mexico border in the city of Tijuana, a ministry is serving the underprivileged communities of Baja California, Mexico.  It shares with the congregation the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ministering to them liberation, love, peace and eternal life.  Along with spiritual cultivation and pastoral care, we provide financial and tangible assistance to the community.  We focus on serving orphans living with life threatening illness, adults living with AIDS, people in recovery from substance abuse, and the elderly living in shelters.  Love of one's country is a splendid thing, but why should love, stop at our border?


To bring the message of the all inclusive Love of Jesus Christ to the people of Tijuana, especially those on the margins of society.    

The ministry will aim to focus on four groups of people:

  • People living with AIDS
  • People in recovery from addiction   
  • Orphans living with terminal illnesses
  •  Elderly people living in shelters

The ministry will not only bring the word of God, but also tangible and financial blessings to the congregation and the surrounding community.

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